About Hassle Free WP

From a background in websites, development and support our team realised that there are a lot of WordPress sites out there that are not maintained, updated or patched. We realised there was a need for a dedicated WordPress maintenance service.

Our Story

With many years working within the Marketing and Digital professions Dan and Andy, the founders of Hassle Free WP both encountered companies experiencing the same common issues with their websites:

  • Sites would be built by a developer in WordPress and left for the customer to maintain. Often without any handover or instructions. 
  • Developers would go off grid, or take weeks to fix basic problems.
  • Clients would spend a lot of time performing changes themselves, often with little technical knowledge or the time.
  • WordPress sites would drop due to a development issue, but the fix would be too small for a developer to quote for. Or changes innocently made by the client would cause the site to drop and they couldn’t recover it.

Working with WordPress websites and understanding the way they functioned, we ended up being able to not only effectively maintain our own sites, but also support for our clients and partners. Learning the best ways to recover and optimise sites.

Solving a problem.

So, having seen first hand the issues being encountered by real world website owners, there had to be a service out there that specifically maintained WordPress? Well yes, there were. But these were faceless organisations that hid behind ticketing systems and online forms.

Dan and Andy wanted to provide a WordPress maintenance service with a personal touch. Not just hidden behind a faceless form. Launching in late 2018 the company maintains many of the websites developed through its sister businesses, but has also taken on numerous WordPress sites, for businesses that just wanted to take the worry of their website away.

So, here we are. We are here to take away the stress of your website maintenance. Always here to educate you, reassure you, fix issues and make the changes you need to keep your site looking and performing at its best. Talk to us about how we can help you.